Major Trends and Impacts of Epigenetics in Healthcare Today

Abbas Deghan MD, PhD and John Troup, PhD discuss “Major Trends and Impacts of Epigenetics in Healthcare Today.” Drs Deghan and Troup offer an understanding...
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Clinical Issues Important to Understanding and Managing Migraines

Antoinette Maassen van den Brink, MD, PhD discusses women’s health and cardiovascular disease and events where lack of proper nutriton and healthy lifestyle choices...
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Healthy Aging and Vascular Health

In this video interview between Dr. John Troup and Dr. Francesco Mattace-Raso of Erasmus MC, viewers can learn about the effects of vascular aging,...
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Insights into Risk Management to Optimize Cognitive Performance

Arfan Ikram, MD, PhD discusses the association between heart disease and other preventable chronic disease states and cognitive impairment. By adopting lifestyle behaviors that...
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Updates and Insights on Selected Topics of Women’s Health...

In this video Dr. Fauser notes that age of menopause has been shown to influence specific risk factors, particularly in women undergoing early menopause,...
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Addressing Menopausal Transition and Associated Key Clinical Issues

Margaret Rees, MD, PhD discusses the menopausal transition and clinical applications of a variety of therapies. Dr. Rees is the Editor-in-Chief of the medical...
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Relevant Cardiovascular Biomarkers in Dyslipidemia Management

Dr. Roeters van Lennep recommends increased testing for familial hypercholesterolemia by testing for lipoprotein-a and Apolipoprotein-b. LP-a can be lowered by a variety of...
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Insights into Clinical Management of Cardiometabolic Health

In this video interview between Dr. John Troup and Dr. Oscar Franco, viewers can learn about the onset of cardiovascular disease, how it may...
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