Module 3: Selection & Use of Nutritional Solutions in Chiropractic Practice – Fabrizio Mancini, DC

Innovative Proprietary Nutritional Solutions for Specific Conditions

Which Nutritional Solutions are most effective in Chiropractic Practice? How should you select and use the optimal solutions? In this module, Dr. Fabrizio Mancini and Dr. John Troup offer information on nutritional solutions (NS) and diagnostic tools to optimize patient management programs. Additionally, they describe how to recognize the appropriate patients who would benefit from NS and associated diagnostic tools. Finally, you can evaluate benefits and key features of medical foods to provide relevant nutritional support for appropriate patients.

Personalized nutrition is becoming more and more important in healthcare. Strateglies like genetic screening, blood assays and diagnotics, digital technology aids, and behavior and lifestyle modification can be used together for optimal wellbeing and health for patients. Personalized nutrition will provide patients with nutrients from medical foods at levels not readily obtained from available foods. It will help modify cellular communication which is often the root cause of chronic illness.

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