Resolution of Inflammation: Relevance to Vascular Intervention – Michael S. Conte, MD, Professor and Chief, Vascular Surgery, Co-Director, Heart and Vascular Center University of California, San Francisco, CA

Presented at ASPEN CNW 2016 in Austin, Texas on January 18, 2016

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Excessive inflammation is a hallmark of many debilitating chronic diseases and in many surgical complications. Dr. Michael Conte, a cardiovascular surgeon, is very familiar with the prevalence of inflammatory conditions in patients and provides new information of the role of specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) in peripheral artery disease and atherosclerosis. Specifically, he asks, Can atherosclerosis, and restenosis, be viewed as manifestations of a “Resolution-Deficit” within the vessel wall?

SPMs Exert Direct Effects on Vascular Cells. They induce cytoskeletal changes and reduced chemotaxis/migration of VSMC. They reduce cytokine-stimulated leukocyte adhesion. They reduce cytokine stimulated NF-kB activation and downstream inflammatory gene expression, and they reduce cytokine stimulated ROS generation.

The biology and pharmacology of inflammation resolution offer significant new opportunities for improving the outcomes of cardiovascular interventions, and the generic response to surgery and anesthesia.

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