Nutrition Bites with Mark Kaye, DC and Veronica Gasko, DC: EPA and DHA a Key Part to a Healthy Foundation

In this podcast, Drs. Mark Kaye and Veronica Gasko expand on the benefits of a good foundation of nutrition for all patients. They remind us of the benefits of omega-3 fats on a day to day basis, being convenient, and cost effective means of supplying important preformed EPA/DHA to the body.

Their conversation includes thoughts on farm raised fish and they ask the question, “Do most get sufficient omega-3s from diet alone?”. They also remind us that supplementing with omega-3 may support chronic concerns such as cardiovascular, bone, and joint health. Topics include interconversion of EPA and DHA and the expanded application of these polyunsaturated fatty acids such as impact on the brain, including cognition and mood.

Mark Kaye, DC and Veronica Gasko, DC

Mark Kaye, DC and Veronica Gasko, DC

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