Key Points: Inflammation plays key role in many chronic conditions including IBD, arthritis, diabetes etc. Curcumin, as an active ingredient present in turmeric has long been known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. However, due to its poor bioavailbility in humans (1-2%), there was a need for developing formulations that increased its bioavailability.

Curcuminoids in plasma exist in free and conjugated forms. Recent literature suggests that conjugated curcumin metabolites possess low bioactivity and permeability compared to free curcuminoids. Measurement of free curcuminoids in human plasma could be more relevant. However, many research publications on curcuminoids bioavailbility do not report or analytically distinguish free and bound forms of curcuminoids.

In a randomized double-blind crossover study (n = 50), the authors demonstrated that oral supplementation of a curcumin-fenugreek formulation (Curcuminogalactomannins) increases the bioavailbility of free curcuminoids, about 45.5 times compare to standard curcumin.

Why is this Relevant?

  • Oral supplementation of a proprietary curcumin-fenugreek formulation resulted in elevated plasma curcumin levels in the form of free curcuminoids. This could be one of the top bioavailable curcumin products in the market
  • Research suggests that increased free curcuminoids could enhance anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative potential, two important metabolic pathways associated with many conditions including IBD, arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases


Dinesh Kumar, Della Jacob, Subash PS, Abhilash Maliakkal, Johannah NM, Ramadassan Kuttan, Balu Maliakel, Veera Konda and Krishnakumar IM (2016). Enhanced bioavailability and relative distribution of free (unconjugated) curcuminoids following the oral administration of a food-grade formulation with fenugreek dietary fibre: A randomised double-blind crossover study. Journal of functional foods 22 (2 0 1 6 ) 578–587.



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