The Integrative Healthcare Symposium (IHS) in 2016 provided a great opportunity for MHICN to meet healthcare providers who work in integrative medicine and share exciting new data and research findings with our colleagues.

He presented to a MHICH pre-conference at IHS about advances in Alzheimer’s Disease research, suggesting that we are now entering the era of treatable Alzheimer’s Disease. He also discusses Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and Subjective Cognitive Impairment (SCI), conditions that can be precursors to Alzheimer’s Disease. Indeed, the opportunity exists to improve our cognition regardless of if we have these conditions.

First, he discusses some “shocking truths” about Alzheimer’s Disease that have come from his 25+ years of research.

  • For many people, Alzheimer’s Disease is a programmatic downsizing of the neural plasticity network rather than a “disease”
  • Treatment of Alzheimer’s should be preventive and drugs should be a final treatment option, not the initial treatment.

Some of Dr. Bresesen’s strategies for improving our cognition include

  • Improved nutrition with plant-based foods, high quality fats
  • Aerobic and strength exercise five times per week
  • High quality sleep, as close to 8 hours per night as possible
  • Reduce stress with meditation
  • Optimize gut health with pre and probiotics

Cognitive Health: Dawn of the Era of Treatable Alzheimer’s Disease: Dale Bredesen, MD, presented at the Integrative Health Symposium Pre-Conference Feb. 24, 2016: Hilton Midtown New York City

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